Komet Dental Burs

Komet dental Burs

Do you feel uneasy in the dentists chair when getting cavities removed With Komet dental burs there is no need for such anxieties. A tooth dental bur is what is used to remove the decayed part of a tooth.

Komet dental burs are specially designed so that they do not knick or remove even the slightest bit of the good part of a tooth. If you are a new dentist you may want to go with the Komet k1SM CeraBur to excavate as you learn to steady your hand. Komet dental burs are very useful for those dentists with unsteady hands or for use on squirmy children to prevent accidental nicks of the good tooth enamel.

Komet bur blocks hold dental burs and provide hygienic storage for Komet dental burs and other dental instruments. Komet bur blocks can be cleaned easily in a thermodisinfector and can be taken apart for a more thorough cleaning. Komet bur blocks are transparent for easy viewing of instruments.

Komet dental burs are made from the strongest materials. The Komet diamond dental bur is another excellent bur to have at your disposal. There are also very good Komet carbide dental burs.

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