Dental Carbide Burs

Dental carbide Burs

Whenever we want to have our teeth cut or restored, we go to our dentists and have procedures done. Dentists would advise us of what the actual procedure will be and what`s to be expected. When we get to the clinics, we see a lot of shiny instruments, one of them would be the dental carbide burs.

Dental carbide burs are widely used by dentists for operative and restorative procedures. These procedures range from tooth cutting to restoration finishing. Because of this, dental burs are highly important dental tools.

So what are dental burs They are a type of drill bits used in a tool commonly called a dental drill. It is composed of three main parts: the head, the neck, and the shank. The head of the drill is where the bits or burs are. The bits used could either be carbide dental burs or diamond dental burs.

Given that dentistry is closely associated with hygiene, these dental burs have to be cleansed following strict procedures. Caring for your dental carbide burs would entail wearing gloves in handling them, pre-soaking them in carbide bur blocks, and sterilizing them. Proper sterilization will ensure long-time use of your dental burs.

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