Brasseler Dental Burs

Brasseler dental Burs

The drill bit inside a dental drill is called a dental bur. Brasseler dental burs are made of quality carbide and diamond,. When a dentist is working inside the oral cavity, peak performance is a must and Brasseler dental burs deliver.

Carbide dental burs come in different shank sizes. The shank diameter .0630" 1.60mm with an overall length of .748 19.0mm is standard issue for handsets. All dentists will use these friction grip units. Shorter shanks are ideal for patients who are unable to open their mouth wide enough. These shanks (Diameter .0630"1.60mm, Length .670"-17.0mm) will facilitate easier access to the back of the mouth area. Surgical and Right angle surgical lengths are also available.

Diamond dental burs also provide important precision for dental procedures. When you are working with the crown you need to use a thin needle design for interproximal contact during crown preparation. Flat end diamond burs with rounded corners are used for inlay work only preparation.

Additional Brasseler diamond bur uses include deep cutters useful facial reduction for direct or indirect veneers. While composite removal burs for removal of old fillings, finishing new ones and minimally evasive procedures are recommended. Brasseler continues to design diamond burs for all your dentistry needs. New shapes are available for tracing pits and fissures, removing enamel defects, and troughing of worn incisal edges and more.

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